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Getting Motorbike Fit For Touring

24th January 2019

Bike Fit. Getting yourself, and your bike, fit to tour.

Motorbike Tours Rajasthan – Bike Fit

On The Rajasthan Rags to Riches Tour we supply the bikes and ensure they are fit for purpose. However on many tours it is a case of riding your own bike.

Your Bike: At the risk of stating the obvious, it is essential that you ensure your bike is in the best condition it can possibly be, before setting off. This may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many people we see on our motorcycle holidays that have breakdowns and cause delays due to bad bike preparation. Ensuring your bike is in tiptop condition can avoid unnecessary delays and expense.

Ideally this prep should start weeks before departure date, with getting the bike serviced, checking there is enough tread on the tyres to last journey…and then some, as well as checking all and any nuts and bolts which can come loose.

Get Bike Fit: This is one of the biggest issues we encounter on our motorcycle holidays. Too many think that because they have done a tour last year they can just jump on the bike and do it again. Some think that because they ride every weekend that they can just jump on their motorbike and ride 150-250 miles a day for 5, 6 7 or more days in succession. Our advice is try and get some longer runs under your belt before the tour. maybe get a long weekend of 150+ miles per day. Time in the saddle before the tour is time well spent.