Motorbike Tours Rajasthan

What is Rajasthan ‘really’ like

6th February 2019

What is Rajasthan really like ?

The question can only be answered truthfully from experience.

On arrival I was met by air quality never experienced before. It was like breathing through a straw mattress with a 1000 hairdryers on full heat blasting air through. It was difficult to breathe. This, however passed within 24 hours and sure enough this was never experienced again during this visit or the next two.

The traffic is a nightmare with horns beeping and vehicles coming at you from every direction, but, not one collision was witnessed, nor were vehicles covered in lumps and bumps. It was obvious that all you had to do was ride like they drive and happy days.

The food was out of this world with flavours you will never experience anywhere else, yes, it is spiced, however, you can ask for food (in hotels) to be served with no spice. There was some food left behind in a hotel and they chased upstairs with 2 more plates of unspoiled and were most insistent on serving this food (you don’t get that anywhere else that is for sure)

Water must be drank from bottled water and ‘never’ from a tap source, stream or river, unless you have a death wish (this is still the same in many countries)

Not one snake has ever been seen, not one spider or even a mosquito although malaria precautions are a must because they are sneaky. Not sure if there is a tablet you can take to prevent a snake or spider from becoming over friendly.

Motorbike Tours Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an area of the world like no other. Rajasthan has places to see, visit, and explore like no other. Rajasthan will work her way into your heart like no other.

There are dangers everywhere in our world

Travelling to many of the worlds most magical places takes planning, time, money and patience, with Rajasthan being no different.

Having been three times is testament to feeling safe with the country, people and food and by joining this Rajasthan tour adventure you will be in the safest of hands

So, what are to good parts…….

Rajasthan, that is the good part 🙂