3rd November 2019
MotorBike Tours Rajasthan in Nimaj

You must think I am absolutely tip top over the head bonkers…….and to a certain degree I agree, without the DE.

Village in Rajasthan

Why would I want to go to a country that changed my life forever, so much so I thought about living there for a year (wish I had now). A country that twice beat me up with a back injury and also on another trip stopped money being spent…….with air quality that is like smoking 20 cigarettes a day, where you are stared at as if you have landed from Mars (that is not the chocolate factory), along with giving me the screaming shits (god bless wearing a poo bag on my belly).

Swimming Pool in Nimaj

It is as simple as this…….

The friends I have made, I miss them. The people are so beautiful in every way. The food is the best anywhere in the world (no they don’t do chicken ticka masala), and Masala Chai is the only drink worthy of being drunk on planet Earth.

Hotel Food in Gurgaon

PLUS…………it is absolutely nuts and makes me laugh (along with knowing a rude, in fact a very rude, swear word that makes me chuckle too.

God of Fertility in Nimaj (RUDE)

I have left exploring very late in my life and I have no idea whatsoever how much longer I have to ride, discover things or for that matter remember where I put my…………………

I hope you follow me on my adventure as an over the hill 61 year old rides a Triumph bonny (can’t spell bonneville), with panniers full of Insulin, Poo bags, Inhalers, and Anti Death tablets 🙂

Happy Days in Bikaner