7th November 2019
Health Check for India

November the 9th I will be travelling to my local BOOTs store to go through my health check ready for departure in January. Why so far in advance, well it can take up to 8 weeks to go through the injections if you require them, because you may need more than one injection for a certain prevention.

MotorBike Tours Rajasthan
MotorBike Tours Rajasthan

Plus it is the only way you can now get anti death (anti malaria) tablets, or should I say, it is the only way I can get them because my local GP surgery has stopped travel health clinics.

MotorBike Tours Rajasthan

So, I now have to travel to Kendal, find parking (and pay for it) , then walk god knows how far to BOOTS…….well done GP surgery great decision, however it also gives you great piece of mind and if this is the only way, shut up and carry on……..

MotorBike Tours Rajasthan