Frequently asked questions

What is included

  • Motorbike hire for the duration which will be a Royal enfield (there is a 5000 rupee deposit that must be paid on collection, which will be refunded subject to no major damage)
  • All fuel
  • Accommodation – various levels to give you an experience of the lifestyle and culture
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal (any drink or food purchases outside of these are your own responsibilities)
  • Entry to visitor attractions
  • Bottled water whilst touring on the motorbike
  • Tea at stops along the route (maybe coffee, but it is rare on the roadside)
  • Collection from and taken to New Delhi airport
  • Support vehicle
  • Crash helmet can be provided but much better to bring your own to ensure the best fit
  • Video of the adventure
  • Numerous photographs of your adventure
  • 14 days/nights of life changing fun
Royal Enfield Himalayan

What type of bikes are we using

The bikes we use on the Rajasthan Tours are the Royal Enfield 500cc bullet or the newer Royal Enfield Himalayan 410cc. You will be asked which you prefer.

Royal Enfield 500cc

What is the average age of the riders in the group?

The average age is probably between 30 and 50 but we also have riders from mid twenties to mid sixties attend. Everyone is made welcome and we usually find a good mix of age groups on most tours. The minimum age is 20 for riders and 18 for pillions.

What sort of accommodation can I expect?

All accommodation used on our tours is of a standard, while comfort, cleanliness, friendliness are top of our list of criteria, we also focus on bike security and try to use accommodation that offers a good mix of traditional and luxury.

What documentation do I need to take with me?

You will need to take your UK European Driving Licence, and an international driving licence (available for £5.50p from the post office).

Is there a luggage van?

YES, our tours are accompanied by a support vehicle that is also used for carrying luggage.

What happens if I breakdown?

This is always a question at the back of every riders mind. Our support vehicle carries spares. India does not have the AA or RAC so you may find, if you breakdown, having your vehicle put on the back of a passing truck to our destination. You can rest assured that nobody gets left behind as you will then travel in the support vehicle.

What should I pack?

As part of each comprehensive tour information pack, we’ll send you our suggested kit list of must take items along with some suggested additions. From experience, most people take too much. Whatever you decide to take, don’t overload.

Should we come on a UK tour before going on a tour abroad?

This is definitely not essential however, if you have never toured in a group before, it’s a great way to see if you like it.

How far do we ride each day?

Mileages will vary every day, usually in relation to what we are trying to achieve. Travelling in India is like nowhere else, so daily milages will differ day to day. We can cover as much as 330km in a day, but it can be as little as 70km. Once at our destination, we leave time to visit attractions, have lunch, or just stop for a brew. You will find estimates of daily mileages and totals for each tour within the tour details in our fully comprehensive information packs.

What happens on ‘rest’ days?

On the tours where our destination is to be our base for more than just an overnight stay, we usually allocate rest days where your time is your own, so please feel free to do as you wish. Within your Tour Pack will be information on local attractions, or your guide will be able to suggest some possible places of interest to visit. There will also be a number of guided tours, which you are welcome to join.

I have never been on tour before – will I hold everybody up?

No, as we continually remind people, our tours are motorbike holidays /tours, not a race! Whenever there is a group of riders together, you will always get a wide range of experience and riding abilities. We are quite used to this. You will never be asked or expected to ride beyond your capabilities. However, you owe it to yourself and the other members of the tour to be a competent rider and choose a tour within your riding capabilities.

I can organise a trip myself! Why should I go with Motorbike Tours Rajasthan

Anyone can organise a trip! Especially now with satnav and the Internet, but a professionally led motorbike tour is something different. Apart from the obvious reasons such as support, guide, peace of mind and the fact that all the searching for accommodation and routes are all booked/planned for you, it is the camaraderie and the social aspect which is one of the main reasons even experienced bikers keep coming back to us year after year. If you have never toured in a group in this way before, why not just give it a try?

How do we book a tour?

Go right HERE

Is my money safe?

All monies paid to Motorbike Tours Rajasthan are held in a Trust/Holding Account until such time as the tour has been completed. Only then are the funds released for general/business use.

What happens next?

Once we receive the balance for your tour, we will issue a final receipt, together with any relevant information. A fully comprehensive Tour Information Pack will then be sent 21 days before departure – however, please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have