Motorbike Tour Rajasthan
Kit List

Motorbike Tours Rajasthan

Kit List

Below is a list of the kit that you must bring with you when you join us on on your Motorbike Tour Rajasthan

  • India travel visa – you can get a 30 day one online here
  • Driving / Full Motorcycle licence required to be carried
  • Crash helmet can be provided but much better to bring your own to ensure the best fit
  • Riding jacket and trousers/jeans/knee protectors (it may be quite hot during the day so a mesh jacket works great)
  • Motorcycle or sturdy boots
  • Motorcycle gloves (a must)
  • Waterproofs (just in case, because when it rains… rains!)
  • Clothing for when you’re not riding (warm jacket/jumper for the evenings as it can be quite cold at night)
  • Toiletries and any personal medication
  • Don’t forget your passport !
  • Imodium is worth taking because India, unfortunately, has a reputation for Delhi belly / sachets of rehydration salts too
  • Wide spectrum anti-biotics are also worth carry (although in the event of illness a doctor can be summoned to see to your needs, and in my experience know exactly what you will require)
  • Plastic zip top bags to carry anything you need to keep waterproof, such as passport and cash)
  • Your flight tickets
  • Credit/Debit card or a card that is preloaded with cash as India now encourages payment by cards
  • Set up your mobile phone for ‘roaming’ in India (can be very expensive though and you can get a sim card very cheap for an Indian network)
  • Clothing for when you are not riding, such as cotton trousers/T shirt and some comfortable footwear, as we will also be walking around towns at night
  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HAD YOUR ‘JABS’ please speak to your doctor/nurse who looks after travel to India and make sure you are up to date
  • Anti malaria tablets to take daily / plus Mozzie repellent
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Neck warmer (such as a BUFF) – believe it or not the air has minute pieces of sand in it so when travelling by motorbike the front of your neck can feel as it it is sandblasted
  • ANTISEPTIC HAND WASH alcohol based is perfect
  • Ear plugs – not only to be used during the day but also a great ‘anti snoring’ device – to help you sleep

If you’re bringing electronic devices, such as your phone, camera, and video camera, please do remember to also bring their chargers/batteries/power banks(plus spare memory cards to make sure you capture everything). NOTE: You will need an Indian socket plug adapter as they use 2 pin sockets)